Monday, August 22, 2005

Hello! It was really nice to have the chance to interview you and to know about your culture. I have to say that I was pretty surprised because of the differences of our cultures and I am so sorry if we offended you with our questions, I do apologize.

However it turns so interesting as we did not know that, for example, you do not celebrate weddings together (I mean both sexes) and we find it totally weird because is different to our way. As I told you, we throw big parties until the sun comes out and we dance all night even with guests we don´t know. About censorship, here all kind of scenes are allowed and talking about sports, girls play every kind of sport: volleyball, hockey, tennis. This was just a summery but we can tell you more.

I don´t know if we will have the opportunity to meet in skype again so whatever you want to find out about our culture or country, we are able to answer your questions. Bye and see you soon. It was a pleasure.


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