Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hi everybody!!!!!!!! Let me introduce myself ; my full name is Ana Julia but I don’t like it very much that people call me in this way , every time that someone calls me “Ana Julia” it reminds me to my mother……she calls me like that and is always scolding me …like mothers always do, so let’s just call me : “Ana”...is shorter and less serious!!!!! lol!!!!!!!
I’m 19 years old and I’ve been studying English since I was 10 years of age……believe or not believe I study English as a hobby… I find in English a way to get out of my own world….!!!!!!! Can you understand what I mean? You may think I’m a bit crazy….and you’re right…lol!!!!!!!
This year I started a new stage in my life: COLLEGE!
I study Law…I love my career…I’ve wanted to study that since I were 7 and now I’m here learning all about that! It’s my vocation, I can fell that so I’m very happy !!!!!!
Other thing about me is that I love the “Cyber World”, I spend and waste (both…) hours in the net trying to know a bit more about English and the World….that’s why I find this project very helpful for our English and also is an engaging way to get to know different things about our cultures!!!!!!
I become interested very much in your government structure and all about the “Emir” (is something new for me….we don’t have this representative here , so I want to know all about that). Also, I’m curious in the way that your country is organized… How do you choose the “Emir” without politic parties? That’s another difference between our countries, here we have a democratic government and politic parities are essential, because through them citizens can get involve in the direction of the country!
Well….Another approach to me is that in classes I’m of those students who are always making jokes and funny comments … once I start I can’t stop…lol!!!
I’m always with a smile in my face because I’ve learnt that smiling is an enjoyable way to take pleasure in life . I ‘m myself a good laughing and I like sharing that with the people who love me!
Well, that’s all from me right now…… I’m anxious to get any notice from you… Bye bye!


Blogger Buthaina al-Othman said...

Hi Ana,

First, I'd like you to know that you're very wise, smart for choosing the Internet to improve your English. You know that English is an important language that we all need to communictae almost everywhere in the globe, nowadays. You're also wise and smart to study Law, and I'm sure you're going to be a successful lawyer.

Regarding the political system in my country, Kuwait, it's democratic. Actually, Kuwait is a democratic monarchy, that is, we have a parliament with 50 elected members by the people of Kuwait. Women have won their political rights, recently, here, so we will be participating in the next parliamentary session in 2007. We don't have political parties, but we do have political groups or trends, which indirectly and informally work as parties. The Emir or Prince, Sheikh Jaber Al-Sabah, is our leader whom we respect a lot. He is not elected since our constitution and we people of Kuwait approved that the country is ruled by the family of Al-Sabah. Mind you, it's not like Saudi Arabia; it's totally different in the sense that Al-Sabah is a ruling and not a royal family. We also have more freedom, and relatively more free press and freedom of speech. Woemn status in Kuwait is also much better than that in the Saudi Kingdom.

Thanks, Ana for your interest in this skype project, and for your interesting questions about my country; I hope to answer more questions when we all meet live and online, later,at Skype.com, :-)

10:40 AM  

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