Friday, August 19, 2005

Hi everyone!!! Rita and Buth, here is my piece of writing regarding the task for week 2 of "Skype Project".

As Buth has already told us, it is not easy for teenagers from conservative cultures to become singers, actors, and so on. I founded very interesting the interview to Tiffany (polish singer), who is not only dedicating time to music, but also to a great carreer such as architucture.
I think one has te right to choose whatever they'd like to become in the future. It is necessary that one bears in mine his/her wishes and willings for the future, because if not one does not dedicates as much time and effort that the choice of life requires.
I hope that not only people from Kuwait and Bahrain, but from all around the world, can get the necessary freedom for expressing their wishes and desires for their countries. I do also hope that everyone who has taken part in this project gets what he/she wants.

Thanks Rita and Buth for introducing as in this project. It was a very appealing one... I'd never thought it would be such a great expierence!!! I hope (to much repetition!!!) this project has been a benefit for all of us!!!
Looking forward to hearing from you all.
Best wishes,


Blogger RitaZ said...

Thanks, dear Clari!!

Your words pay all the "enjoyable efforts" a teacher can make to try to motivate students to go on learning and sharing... That's what life is for, isn't it?

And what you have written is an inspiring appreciation I wish MANY tecahers and students of English could read!!!

9:18 AM  

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