Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hi! I' m another Rita's student and I'm very interested in knowing some things about your lifestyle and your country as we've read so may compelling things that cought my attention. How is a typical day in your life? Here in Argentina teenagers have an extremely active life... Most of us study another language (English is the most studied, but also Portugeses and French), is very common to play some sport (girls are very keen on voleyball or hockey, while boys -almost everyone- on FOOTBALL or rugby, but both sexes agree with the idea of going to a GYM), and of course we go either to the secondary school or the college.
Personally, I really enjoy studying English (and I'm planning to study for be an English teacher) and I've recently started going to a GYM. I'm almost 19 years old and I'm finishing the secondary school (I'm studying in a school in which I've to assit 1 year more and some days I must go by the morning and the afternoon. But I've chosen it and I love spendig my days there)
I hope u have days as lively as we have (and that u can share your experiences with us)... We' ll be waiting for an answer... Adriana ("Tati")


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Hi Adriana,

Hi Adriana,

I'm really impressed; you sound wise, and intelligent for choosing to learn English, and to go to the gym. English is the most spoken language in the world now, and I’m sure it will help you communicate with more people and make friends from all over the globe online and on land. Going to a gym will make you feel very healthy and fit. I also started going to a gym here in Kuwait, recently, and that made me feel so good and fit.

Health awareness has been increasing here in Kuwait throughout the past few years. A lot of people, young and old, go for a walk or jog, especially in the evening in areas organized for these kinds of sports. Others prefer water sports so you see lots of them water-skiing or wake-boarding these days.

Teenagers here are relatively busy, but not as busy as you in Argentina, I guess. Well, it really depends. The girls are usually less busy than the boys here, but generally speaking things are much better nowadays as there are more entertainment places, such as movie theaters and health clubs.

I'm looking forward to hearing more from you when we all meet at:

Later, :-)

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