Monday, August 15, 2005

Hi! I'm Clara, one of Rita's students. I'm 18 years old, and at the moment I'm studying Accountancy in the university. Apart from university, I'm also studying english, a language which I've been studying for many years. I also like going to the gym... where I meet friends, have a good time, and get fit too.
I also find appealing climbing mountains... with my family... last weekend me and some relatives went to "The Champaqui", the highest mountain in the province of Córdoba, which I like very much and spend whole summers in a town in that province. the excursion took us three days, and was exhausting... but we really enjoyed it, it was a great way to spend with my cousins, uncle, father and sister...
In the picture I posted I'm the one with the green dress.
I think "Skype project" is a very appealing one, thow I'm not very keen on computers. It would be interesting to know how do you spend your time in Kuwait and what do you find appealing doing and what you don't like.

Today's meeting was very succesful... we learn many things about Kuwait and their lifestyle. It was an interesting way to get to know how a different culture (though as we spoke with Buth, I notice we have lot of things in common). It was very nice "meeting" Buth.
Hope to get news from you.


Blogger Buthaina al-Othman said...

Hi Carla,

Thank you for your kind words. I also enjoyed our live, online meeting and have learned a lot about your culture for all of you. I still need to learn more about your culture; of course, this is why I'm so eager to meet you again, on Monday, when you can tell me more about it.

And yes, I agree with you; our cultures seem to be similar in some aspects. But I think the issue of women and the relationship between men and women is universal. The best thing is to remember that "Men are from Venus, and Women are from Mars"; this way they can communicate better, I, so far, believe :-)

The picture you've posted here looks very nice, and you look so beautiful. I wish I was with you in that trip to the mountain. This sounds so exciting for me, as we don't have mountains in Kuwait. However, we have a lovely desert where we, Kuwaitis, usually camp in spring.

Thanks, Carla for participating in the "skype project", and for your interest. BTW, your English is very good.

Take care and CU on Monday, :-)

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