Friday, August 19, 2005

How are you all?? I would like to thank you Buth for your patience!! We annoyed you with so many questions on Wednesday and you were always so kind!! I was looking at the pictures you posted: Kuwait seems like a wonderful country! (as people who has been there told me) As I have said many times, I am not very keen on computers but for this kind of activities I have to recognize that is really useful…I mean it was like talking to a friend who lives nearby…!
Regarding the second week of this project, I do believe that we should all have the opportunity to do whatever make us happy, like Clarita said. In my opinion, if someone is or feel oblige to do something, like studying a particular career, it´s going to be much more difficult for him to do it right, because when you have the opportunity to choose what you would like to be in your future, although you could never succeed, as it happens all the time to young people in this country, you love what you are doing so you keep trying to do your best. Religions or states are really needed nowadays to clear this mess of the world but they should never limit the freedom of their people; in the end it would be worse for everyone.
I hope I could join you all in Skype on monday!! Actually I couldn´t come to class on Friday so I don´t know if someone else is coming that day….do I have to go?? Kisses,


Blogger RitaZ said...

Yes, Marianita, I'm also counting on you on Monday! And thanks for your kind words, I agree with your thoughts and feel happy to see you are profiting from this international project.
CU on Monday!

9:25 AM  
Blogger Buthaina al-Othman said...

Hi Marianita,

Yes, we are all coming on Monday. Ali and I, will of course be virtually with you from our locations in Kuwait.

Please come, Rita and I are counting on all of you.

And thank you so much for your kind words. Actually, it's not that I was patient, during the practice session, but it’s your questions that were so good and stimulated such an interesting skype conversation.

BTW, I might be able to post the recording of our practice session, held last Wednesday, to our blog here. Jeff, the founder and owner of WorldBridges LiveWire, provided some instructions on how to convert a elp file into mp3 one. I'll try working on that and then post to this blog ASAP.

Best regards

8:48 AM  

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