Sunday, August 21, 2005

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In my opinion, in all parts there´s always something interfering with the development of a good artist. This happens in every corner of the world, although in some cases the influence is much more direct (this is the case of kuwaiti people). Regarding Argentina, I don´t believe that artists don´t have enough freedom; however, they have to face other problems, that are of a different kind. For example, Economy, which is almost devastated and is trying to come to the surface again, is an essential factor of an artist´s career (the only way of succeeding is by selling). What´s more, our society is so culturally (indirectly) controlled by the northern part of our continent (U.S) that many people prefer to enjoy "american" artists´works than native artists´ masterpieces (at all levels).
Anyway, I believe that if you really want, you surely can. You will always have to face problems in any aspects of your life, it´s up to you the way you react to them...


Blogger Buthaina al-Othman said...

Hi Flor,

Thank you for sharing your opinion on the issues of the freedom of artists in Kuwait and Argentina. It is really sad to see young creative people prevented from being productive, due to socioeconomic factors, like in your country, or sociopolitical issues, like in my country, where anti-development groups of people are controlling the society, giving themselves the right to decide for the people here, thinking they are the only socially correct groups. However, I’m always optimistic and believe that things will change to the better everywhere in the world.

I believe, the hope of having peace, prosperity, and happiness everywhere in the world could become true, should educated young people like you continue learning and working hard against corruption in their countries.

Flor, what is your personal hope for the future that you think won’t be possible due to the difficult current socioeconomic situation in your country?

Look forward to hearing more from you, here or later in the day at Skype.

Thank you

3:31 AM  

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