Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hi, my dear students! Would you like to play a game online....?
Here's the link...., it's fun!

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    Blogger RitaZ said...

    ....but you'll need to go to our blog to play it....;-)))

    7:40 AM  
    Blogger Noelia said...

    Rita, as i didn´t know where to post my comment, I came here.
    I would like to talk about what happened in London. I believe that it was an attack on the humanity expressed by bombs in one of the safest cities in the world. I realize that Al qaeda took an advantage of the meeting of the "group of 8" (that was taking place in Scotland) because it represents manipulating all the international press and the public opinion around the world.
    many journalists argue that the objetive of the succession of terrorist attacks is to slipt the world into two bloks, the Muslim and the western.
    I can make a contrast out between those who are looking for finishing the problems of poverty, hunger, SIDA, environment and terrorism while others are killing innocent people. It is really ironic, isn´t it?
    What I find curious is that on 11 March, 2004, the attack in Atocha, spain, like this one, were caused in the transport system and it is not a coincidence. Again in a big city, again in the undergrounds bacause these trains are the heart of Europe and this continent is closed by these undergrounds.
    Apart from the political impact of this movement that goes further on the nuber of victims, the presssaid that the next target may be Italy and Denmark. as you can see, nobody can escape from this. Do you believe that this is fair. I don´t think so but what can we do?.
    The great shock that this represents in the world and the feeling or horror that everybody is suffering make me think about the different viewpoints about the meaning of LIFE. I can´t believe my eyes!. Where is the respect of the human being and the dignity?What do we have to do to live in a safe world without this violent situations? How can people be so evil that do not care at all about killing innocent lives? The answer of this questions will never be found out. We are destroying our planet letting this ideologies exist.

    6:09 PM  

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