Monday, August 29, 2005

CAE Students Reminder

Hi, my dear students! This is just to remind you that, as a follow-up activity, you must hand in two written tasks on the Skype Project we all participated in.

Task 1: Choose any one entry in the blog, copy and paste it on a Word doc and edit it. Then, hand it in.

Task 2: Write a Report on the whole experience. Give it the following title:
"A Successful Cross-cultural Experience"

Even though the project is over, you are also reminded that this blog goes on being a place to share anything you find worth discussing, finding out, or just telling the group... It's so enjoyable to read a new posting with news !!

A good question I have at this point to ask you, now that enrolment is open, is whether you have enrolled for the CAE final exam or not, and why. This has to do with your plans for the near future, and maybe we can share reasons and queries beyond our classroom discussions.

Hope to see you back!



Blogger SusNyrop said...

Hello Rita's class!

I would definitely enjoy knowing more details about your succesful cross cultural experience; I am sitting here in Denmark, just now, nad had a conversation with a project partner in Australia, some minutes ago, and am now getting ready for next online meeting with another colleague in Finland, We're using Skype for this.

Yours, Sus (a good friend of Rita's

My most recent blog is here

6:04 AM  

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