Saturday, December 10, 2005

Hello, dear girlies !!!!!! How are you all...?

We havenĀ“t been in contact for so long !!! How are you doing?

I am willing to know about you, do drop a line here so that I learn about your lives after last November...;-)

I am still busy with exams, now looking forward to December 23, my last day at work...

How are you planning to celebrate Christmas? Where? And what about your final exams....?

Send you all my love, miss you!



Blogger Laura said...

HI Rita!! It's been nice knowing from you!!
I couldn't start my holidays either, since I was preparing and sitting for examas until today and I still have CAE left. But al least today I ended up with college until February or March.
Fortunately, I have plans arranged for my holidays: I'm going to Villa gesell in Juanuary and I'm going to see Rolling Stones and U", so I'm really happy.
I think that's all. Kisses to everybody.

6:22 PM  

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