Thursday, June 30, 2005

As you can see, I´m trying out this blog... It´s interesting... And I'm learning how to upload images... je!
See you on Friday... Blessings!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

OK, I'm supposed to share a message with all of you, but as I've been tranlsating the whole afternoon (yesterday), I've no news at all... what I can really describe it's the operation of a machine called "recovery boiler", that I don't know but that I'm trying to understand... je! Well, I should restart working... see you in a few hours... blessings!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

I am happy to read your postings, Alvaro and Marianita!!! Thank you for writing !

I'm keeping my fingers crossed...,almost sure I will be there next Tuesday !

Enjoy your long weekend, with a lot of love,


Friday, June 17, 2005

Hi Rita nice to hear from you. I hope you come soon because I feel like quitting english. About this page I can say i like it, the colour (black) is great. Good Bye.
P.D.: Try not to walk....... very hard.
Rita!!!!!! What is this????? I really don´t know what to say because noone has written yet. But I think this is! We all miss you a lot!!!! classes are boring without are the only one who can keep us awake at three in the afternoon!!! I hope to see you soon!! and that someone enters to this place too...

I was going to my physiotherapy session today when I heard somebody called my name...
I turned round in surprise, and there they were, Noe and Agus, 2 of my beloved CAE students whom I missed soooooo much !!

This unexpected meeting and the short chat we had made my day... I felt so happy I needed to be nearer all of you, that's why I decided to invite you to join me in this experiment.

I am sure you have not heard about "blogging" yet (don't you worry, most people don't have a clue ;-)), but...., well, I'm not going to describe what a "blog" is here. I am inviting you to share this experience writing in this space. It's aimed at connecting all of us who want to be connected...
ANYTHING that comes to your mind will be ok; it doesn't have to be related with our English classes (though if it is, welcome!!). It can be about any event, any encounter, any story in our daily life which you want to write about, any idea you want to discuss with your mates and with me...

You can upload photos, suggest links to visit, add whatever you feel like sharing...
And I invite you to see the difference between this space and our Intranet...
What's different ? How do you like it?

I guess you should start publishing rightaway to understand and feel how it works...
So....., come on !!! Join me !!!

I do hope it will be fun!!!