Friday, August 12, 2005

I'm delighted to meet you, Buth and Ali !
My students are also delighted, they all look forward to learning more about you and your country, and they have lots of questions to ask you...
Our weekend starts right now, Friday evening, and this particular weekend is longer than the others because next Monday is a holiday. But on Tuesday we are coming back to school.
What are your weekends like...? What do you enjoy doing ? Do you go out with friends? Can young people come back home late at night ? Is that dangerous?
Look forward to your news !


Blogger Ali said...

Hi Ms.Rita
We are noe in summer holiday till 17/9.
most of us spend the holiday by travelling, but some of us stay in Kuwait. We spent the holiday in Kuwait playing football, swimming (because Kuwait is too hot), fishing is most hobby kuwaiti people like and we call it (hadag), and going to coffe shop.
We can come back late to home because its holiday now and there is no danger to go out at night atleast for boys. sometimes i come back to home at 7am and my father is not happy for this :) because he alaways want mo to come back at 1am for maximum.

10:23 AM  

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