Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Hello, Students,

This message is to thank you all for meeting me live online at Skype. I’m so grateful to you and to your EFL instructor, Rita for your time, and effort participating in this skype project.

I had a wonderful time with you. I liked and enjoyed all your questions, which were focused on the topic of our project, “Freedom & Future Dreams in Different Cultures”. I was also impressed that you were the first international students who asked me about Kuwaiti music. This was so flattering for me. I will try to find a short Kuwaiti song to post to the blog, here, so that you could hear it.

BTW, I’m sorry if I talked too much but I was so happy and excited like I was talking to old friends, ( the interesting part was that we all managed to communicate very well in English. You were so clear and I understood everything you said. I really wish that we all meet face-to-face either here in Kuwait or in Rosario, Argentina.

Thank you for your time and effort to join in our first voice-session at , and I look forward to meeting you all again there on Monday.



Blogger RitaZ said...

Dear Buth,

Let me make this public: we all enjoyed our time yesterday, and need to thank you profusely on the time you devoted to us yesterday. We learnt a lot about Kuwait, its people and their lifestyles, which we would have never been able to find out otherwise.

We are also enjoying this project and our sharing it with you, and, hopefully, with Ali, on Monday.

Definitely, it has been a unique experience which should motivate other students and teachers all over the world to imitate and enjoy.

Cheers to Kuwaiti teachers, students, their friendliness and their music!!

10:12 AM  

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