Thursday, September 01, 2005


Originally uploaded by Buthaina al-Othman.
Hello, again everyone,

I took a screen shot of our project portal page where I addeed your photo and my students': < >.

Please Notice that my class was taught in Spring 2003, but I had to use the photo you see becuase Ali is among them; I don't have a personal image of him.

I hope you like it.

Take care and Ma'a Al Salamah, :-)


Blogger RitaZ said...

Thank you, dear Buth, for all your help, your support, your meaningful contributions to our knowledge.
It was our pleasure to share this project with you and to learn and share such an enriching experience.
We also hope there will be a second chance to enjoy.
Big hugs from all of us!

7:40 PM  

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